Pitch Sessions

Companies to pitch

  • Ad Scientam

    Presenter: Samir Medjebar, COO

    Ad Scientiam creates the new generation of medical evaluations centered on real-life data collection. Our latest application, developed for Multiple Sclerosis patients, monitors the progression of the patients’ disease in their daily environment, allowing for more accurate data collection at home. This time efficient solution provides an opportunity for individualized care plans to patients and clinicians.

  • Admetsys

    Presenter: Glenn Robertelli, COO

    Admetsys has developed the first artificial pancreas system specifically for the needs of hospital and surgical care. The system attaches to a patient’s intravenous line, and automatically measures blood glucose concentration in real time and with no blood loss. From this, it creates an adaptive, computational model of each patient’s metabolism, evolving as patient condition does, and delivers precisely-optimized, treatment – insulin to reduce high glycemic levels and glucose to raise and support falling levels.


    Presenter: Erwan Corcuff, CEO

    AXENIS is a company created for the R&D exploitation of humanized, immunodeficient mouse models for pre-clinical studies with the goal of being the ‘first-to-market’ with forefront innovative tools – which we believe represent one of the next breakthroughs in vaccine and drug discovery/development. AXENIS mission is to develop and offer rigorous, reproducible and standardized animal models that ‘read-out’ human immune function to the biopharmaceutical community.


    Presenter: Pierre-Yves Frouin, CEO

    Focused on the development of full stack innovative Medical Devices, BioSerenity will be presenting the Neuronaute1, a complete solution for the diagnosis of Neurological disorders with a first application in Epilepsy diagnosis. Combining wearables including dry active EEG sensors, a mobile app and a Cloud solution with embedded Deep Learning abilities, the Neuronaute has the ability to remotely record patients on a long term basis, thus helping provide the medical community with much more accurate patient data. This major improvement for the well-being of patients is developed inside the ICM, where BioSerenity is located and has received multiple awards and overwhelming support from the medical community and patient groups.

    1 : The Neuronaute is a CE marked medical device in Europe, currently it is only available for research in the United States.


  • Ceeable, Inc.

    Presenter: Christopher Adams

    Ceeable is commercializing a mobile digital health test platform, the Ceeable visual field analyzer (CVFA) to detect and diagnose retinal disease. There are more than 285 million people worldwide that suffer from blinding diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration.


  • Eligo Bioscience

    Presenter: Xavier Duportet, CEO

    Eligo Bioscience uses its own synthetic biology platform, combining CRISPR/Cas system with engineered phage capsids, to develop eligobiotics: a new generation of highly precise antimicrobials. Eligobiotics can be programmed to eliminate bacteria based on the genetic sequences they carry in their genome. As opposed to traditional antibiotics, our sequence-specific antimicrobials can therefore discriminate between close bacterial strains and selectively eradicate harmful bacteria from the microbiome while sparing the beneficial ones.

  • Enterome

    Presenter: Rodolphe Clerval, CBO

    Enterome is developing innovative therapeutic solutions in the field of diseases associated with abnormalities of the gut microbiome (i.e. IBD, cancers and metabolic disorders).
    Our technologies (quantitative and functional metagenomics) have allowed identification of microbiome derived biomarkers, targets and bioactive molecules leading to the development of novel precision medicine solutions, combining novel drugs and molecular diagnostics : 1) EB8018, a first in class FimH antagonist (phase I) combined to a CDx for Crohn’s disease 2) IBD110, a microbiome based Dx for monitoring Crohn’s patients 3) 2 drug discovery programs in partnership with Takeda and J&J.

  • Exosome Diagnostics

    Presenter: Vincent J. O’Neil, CMO

    In 2016 Exosome Diagnostics is launching the world’s first exosome-based liquid biopsies.  Our tests leverage the power of exosomes, messengers that are released by all living cells and contain valuable biological information about cancer and other diseases in the form of RNA, DNA and proteins.


  • LuminaCare Solutions

    Presenter: David Howe, CEO

    LuminaCare Solutions is developing point of care precision medicine solutions for physicians.  For physicians who treat patients with bacterial infections, LuminaCare Solutions is a cloud-based SaaS predictive analytics platform that selects and confirms appropriate antibiotic treatments within hours (<8 hours).  Unlike current hospital bacterial surveillance software products, we provide rapid prediction of treatment effectiveness and prediction of patient outcomes without knowing prior patient history.


  • MaaT Pharma

    Presenter: Hervé Affagard, CEO

    MaaT Pharma’s mission is to restore the symbiotic relationship between humans and their microbial counterparts. We are developing drugs and solutions to improve everyone’s health by restoring this equilibrium derived from a long co-evolution and altered by modern lifestyle, nutritional transition and therapeutic attitudes.
    In the promising and growing market of Human Microbiome, MaaT Pharma is leading the Autologous Fecal Microbiota Transplant arena with a primary focus on preventing and treating infectious diseases in frail patients receiving antibiotics.


  • MTAnalytics

    Presenter: David Skurnik, Co-Founder

    MTanalyics focus on increasing statistical power to improve the detection of weak association signals between variables. By contrast to the data mining, we are using statistical tools that allow us to provide power and P. values. Our technology can be applied to Big Data but also to Clinical Trials: for example, by reducing the sample size while keeping the same power.


  • Oncolinx

    Presenter: Sourav Sinha, Founder & CEO

    Oncolinx is developing next-generation antibody-drug conjugates--target cancer therapies that carry chemotherapy directly to cancer cells and not healthy cells, and thereby avoid many of the adverse side effects of traditional chemotherapy. Oncolinx therapies also have the potential to stimulate the immune system to begin recognizing and killing cancer cells.


  • RxRevu

    Presenter: Trent Kriete, Chief Data Scientist

    RxREVU is a physician-founded leader in Prescription Decision Support.  RxREVU’s cloud-based RxCheck PDS platform leverages existing EHR alerts, enriches them with patient-centered data including patient cost and medication adherence, and aligns alerts with relevant clinical protocols.  RxCheck enables hard-wired communication at the point of care, to inform physicians, drive consistent prescribing, lower costs, inform adherence, and improve quality metrics for HEDIS and Stars.


  • VoyagerMed

    Presenter: Anthony Girand, CEO

    The company is an online marketplace for medical tourism to the US. We help people from around the world find the best doctors for their condition and we give the tools to doctors to enable their practices to better serve this $5 billion market. Our network is focused on the top quality surgeons and physicians in the US who want to travel here for oncology, cardiology, orthopedic, fertility, plastic surgery and other major medical procedures.